keala-webKeala Thompson

I was born and raised in Hawai’i. At one time in my life, I sought to please only myself. I sought fulfillment in anything that I thought was “fun and exciting”–searching for what I thought was true happiness. But unexpectedly, all of my “fun” came to a halt. After much heartache, I found myself broken, humbled and deeply hurt. I felt that I had lost all hope. It was then that I heard the voice of God calling that if I wanted true happiness, I would have to come to Him. I did listen and suddenly, everything changed…

I am now an Ordained Minister of the Gospel, and have Pastored in the Islands of Hawaii for 15 years. Currently, I am serving as the Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries along with my wife, Yvette and my daughter, Ania. Today, I have a passion in my heart to help others to experience the same healing that I have experienced: emotionally, mentally & spiritually. And to help others to love as I have learned to love; by seeing the Father for who He really is…that He is love!


yvette-thompsonYvette Thompson

I was born and raised in Hawaii. Being the oldest of four I had many responsibilities at a young age. Later, an experience I had in grade school would leave me confused about my sexuality. I had great friends in high school and college, but I never had a boyfriend. There were guys interested but I never felt comfortable with them. As I got older I believed that there wasn’t anyone for me. I got discouraged as I saw my friends having relationships and also having children.

God knew what I needed. In 2000 He brought an evangelistic tent meeting to my little hometown and my life changed when I realized that a man named Jesus loved me so much that He voluntarily died for me. I got baptized in 2001, married in 2003 and had a child in 2004. God has done and is doing amazing things in my life! I believe it all began when I saw the amazing love He has for me at the Cross of Calvary. And He has that same amazing love for you too, at the Cross!


ania-webAnia Thompson

I was born and raised in Hawaii. I did really good til’ I was 6-years-old when I was allowed to make my own decisions. Then I thought “Well since I can make my own decisions I’ll just do whatever I want”. So I began to make bad decisions. Then my dad got sick when I was 9. Things took a twist and I started to do worst things. I lied and broke God’s holy day. I felt bitter at God. It felt like He didn’t care. Then, it all went worst. I was confused.

Then God started to work miracles in my life and He started to change me. And even though I still make mistakes today, I know God can help me. And He can help you too.