Keala Thompson

Once upon a time, I was out to have the most fun. I was very reckless almost losing my life several times. But although I always sought out the most fun and the craziest thing to do, I never found that true happiness that I was searching for. No matter what I did, I was always empty and longing for more. It was then that I found Jesus. It was the start of a new and fresh relationship. A total change in a different direction. But at that time, I was still searching for fulfillment from both the fun things of this world and the Love of God. So it was a rollercoaster ride of extreme ups and downs.
My life then took a turn to find out who God really was. To fall in Love with Him with my whole heart, mind, soul and strength! This was a very beautiful time of my life as nothing else in this world mattered. But, over time I had substituted doing things for God as being more important than God. Doing ministry and looking like a Christian was more important to me at that time than Loving God.
God then sent me a wake up call that shook my life! This drastically shifted my life, my calling, my dreams and most importantly, my relationship with Him! Today, I am truly happy with my relationship with God as I am slowly learning to trust Him more and more and to know Him intimately like I’ve never known Him before! This has given me the true fulfillment and happiness that I’ve always been searching for! I know that as long as I keep God first, last and best I’ll always be truly happy and that I’ll never feel that empty feeling ever again!


Yvette Thompson

I was born and raised in Hawaii. Being the oldest of four, I had many responsibilities at a young age. Later, an experience I had in grade school would leave me confused about my sexuality. I had great friends in high school and college, but I never had a boyfriend. As I got older, I believed that there wasn’t anyone for me. I got discouraged as I saw my friends having relationships and also having children.

In 2000, I attended an evangelistic tent meeting in my little hometown and my life changed! It changed when I realized that a man named Jesus Loved me so much that He voluntarily died for me! I got baptized in 2001, married in 2003 and had a child in 2004. God has done, is doing, and will do amazing things in my life! And it all began when I saw the amazing Love that He has for me! And He has that same amazing Love for you too, at the Cross!


Ania Thompson

I grew up in a Christian home where my dad was a Pastor. On the outside, I was what you called a “perfect” Pastor’s daughter. I went to church every week. I helped lead out in song service, and I sang many Special Musics. One day when I went to church, I was playing with my friends, when someone came up to me and said, “You shouldn’t be playing with your friends. You’re the Pastor’s daughter. You should know better!” I just remember feeling so hurt and angry. I got mad at God and I was like, “Why God? Why do I have to have this kind of life?” 

Ever since I’ve been a little child, I’ve always had this feeling of being stuck. I’ve tried to be a good person. I’ve tried to love God. And I’ve tried religion. But in the end, I’ve realized that trying was just not enough. Thanks to my parents, I’ve always had a pretty good picture of God. But figuring it all out for myself is what I’ve struggled with. In my journey, I’ve learned that it all ties in together. When I truly see for myself who God really is and that He is love, being a truly good person will follow. I’ve also learned that even when you feel like you’re lost, your life is hard and you’re falling apart, God’s not done with you yet. In fact, He’s only just begun.


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