Published on 19 Jun 2016

God’s Love: What Does It Look Like?

Please Show Me








Recently, I had an interaction which brought about a vivid illustration of what God’s love looks like, including how to explain this deep love to those who have never experienced it before.

“But what does it look like?” That’s what he said to me after I tried to explain to him the love-based solution to his specific problem. I then tried again to explain God’s love from a different angle, but still got the same reply, “But what does love look like?” Frustrated, I then shared from a completely different point of view what I believed it looked like; only to get the same response, “But what does it look like? I don’t know what it looks like.”

Finally, it clicked in my mind of what he was trying to say. He wasn’t saying that he wanted me to explain with my words of what I believed love looks like. But instead, what he was saying to me was that he had never seen what love looks like, being that he was raised in a home where love was not known. And thus, it wouldn’t have mattered how many times I would’ve had to explain it to him, for he would have just interpreted God’s love, through the eyes of the toxic environment in which he grew up in.

That’s why in I John 1:1 the Bible says, “That…which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of life.” Yes, it is important for people to hear what love looks like. For hearing the presentations and having the one-on-one conversations are important. But, what is even more important is for people to be able to see, look upon and experience what love looks like! They long to hear the intonations of love as revealed in the voice. They long to see the loving interactions between one another. They wish to look upon the facial expressions that reveal only love. They dream to one day, experience what love looks like; for to them, actions speaks louder than words! This is the reason why Jesus didn’t say, “come to my seminar and sit in my class so that you can hear what love looks like, and then I’ll see you later.” No, instead he said, “follow me, so that you can see what God’s love looks like!”
Because sin has caused the love of many to grow cold in this world, there are now many people who are crying out for someone to show them what love looks like! They truly hunger to see God’s love reproduced in human flesh! The greatest need in this world is to see the character of Christ reproduced in His people!

This need for love can be fulfilled by you, if you would just look upon the unselfish love that God has for you! You can be the hands of love that holds the hands of one dying all alone in the hospital. You can be the feet of love carrying the parentless child through foster care. You can be the voice of love speaking up for the oppressed and abused of society. You can be the life of love showing to the hurting, the love of God that will heal them of their broken hearts! I want to share this love, how about you? Keala T

The Healing Rain School of the Prophets was created so that there can be a safe place where love can grow! A place where one can go, to not only hear what love looks like, but also to see and experience what love looks like! Come join us and allow God to show you what love looks like, at the Healing Rain School of the Prophets in Puna, Hawaii; July 15-24, 2016! You may Register now on our website!

Published on 21 Mar 2016

A Storm Is Coming…


A Storm is coming… Here in Hawaii, we have been seeing extraordinary storm formations within the pacific ocean this hurricane season. I am fortunate to have a nephew who calls or texts me whenever there is an approaching storm. He also informs me about the specific details of the storm. This is so important as sometimes I get so involved in our ministry that I don’t even know that a storm is coming. This warning action of my nephew reveals that he loves me because he wants me to get ready.

In the same way, we know from Bible Prophecy that a storm is coming. Things in this earth are not getting better. In fact, it has come to the point where the news is so bad, that I don’t even want to look at all the negative things that are going on out there. I have enough negative things going on around me to worry about. In fact, just thinking about my own problems and challenges can at times be overwhelming.

But, as important as it is in knowing all about the approaching storm, it is even more important to know how to be personally prepared for the storm.

I’ve learned from taking the disaster preparedness course at the Red Cross that we should always be prepared for a disaster so that we can then be an asset rather than a liability.
I’ve also learned that it is very important to have an Emergency Preparedness Kit ready so that we can take it with us whenever evacuation becomes necessary. For often times when a disaster hits and evacuation is required, you don’t have time to sit down and think of what you would need in order to survive, or even enough time to gather what you know you need!

I’ve also learned that in preparing for a storm, it is best to board up the windows with plywood, have sufficient amounts of drinking water and food, and have a generator on hand.

So knowing that a storm is coming is critical, but knowing how to prepare for a storm is just as, or even more critical. In fact, just knowing that a storm is coming but not knowing how to prepare for it can be very scary.

In the same way, another storm is coming, which will be unlike anything this world has ever seen. And knowing that it is coming, and talking all about how it is coming, and learning all about its specific details is needed.

But, even more important than this is knowing how to get personally ready for what is coming, so that we can then get our hearts and minds ready for the approaching storm.

Our world is broken… So much suffering. So much that doesn’t make sense. This brokenness has led to the many conflicts and broken relationships we’re seeing and experiencing, not only in our world, but in our Church. There are people walking around wounded with no hope of healing or who don’t even realize that they need healing. But thank God He has given us His healing love, so that hurting people can be healed through this love! Won’t you join us in personally preparing for the approaching storm, by experiencing the healing we need in our lives. KT

Published on 23 Jun 2015

Where God is Leading…


Aloha Kakou (Hi everyone),

We wanted to update everyone as to what we are currently doing. As you may already know, I have recently just come off of medical disability, as I was on it for 15 months. I am doing much better and making great improvements, but at the same time I am still healing, as I am not 100% yet. The good news is that I am slowly progressing towards full recovery.

God has been extremely good and merciful to us and has blessed us in so many ways. A friend recently shared with me the story of Job and of how God had doubled Job’s blessings after he had gotten well. He then told me that he believes “God is going to bless our ministry 7 times more than it was before!”

From our recent experience, we have learned to love and trust God whether He blesses us or not. And that our love for Him is not based upon what is currently happening to us, but instead upon what He did for us on the Cross of Calvary!

But, what our friend shared with us seems to be coming true, as requests for speaking engagements has more than doubled since I have returned to ministry. There seems to be a great need and hunger for the messages that the Lord has given to us. It is for these reasons that we believe that God is calling us at this time, into ministry with A Loud & Clear Call Ministries.

A Loud & Clear Call Ministries was birthed in 2009 in a Pastoral/Administrative meeting where my President and Executive Secretary at that time, came to visit me in the field. At that meeting, my Executive Secretary said that he was really excited about my ministry, and that there really wasn’t any clarion call being heard today, like there was when he was a young minister. He then said that I should seriously consider expanding my personal ministry of the Church. After thinking and praying about it, I decided the Lord was calling me to move forward by faith and start my own personal ministry. I also decided to use as my ministry’s name, the very name that my Executive Secretary used in describing our Church’s greatest need, clarion call. The phrase “Clarion Call” means, “A Loud & Clear Call”.

My Executive Secretary of the Conference eventually became one of my best friends and also one of my strongest supporters. He has since passed away, but my gratefulness to him in encouraging me to move forward in my ministry will never be forgotten!

Our ministry is a Parallel Church Ministry supportive of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. My 15 years of ministry as an ordained minister of the gospel along with my 12 years on the Conference Executive Committee(called the modern-day Sanhedrin) has given me not only experience, but also insight as to the needs of our people, here in these last days.

We also believe that God has reconfirmed us time and time again with Luke 4:18. We believe that God’s Spirit is working within us, and has called us to proclaim the good news of hope to the helpless. He has sent us to heal the brokenhearted of emotional pain. To declare deliverance to the captives of addictions and sins. And recovery of sight to those who have been blinded to God’s true character of love. To set free all who have been oppressed by abusers and the abusive systems of this world!

We would like to thank each and every one of you for your support of our ministry. If you would like to contribute to our family ministry, you may do so by making a tax-deductible donation. More information is provided below. Mahalo hou and may God continue to richly bless you!

In His love,
Keala, Yvette & Ania Thompson

You may either make your payment out to A Loud & Clear Call and mail it in to the address below, or make an online donation by clicking on the “Donate” bar above. Mahalo.

A Loud & Clear Call
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A Loud & Clear Call Ministries is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are 100% tax deductible. Tax ID# 46-5125980

Published on 14 Apr 2015

What Our Ministry is About?


Whenever we go on speaking engagements we always get the question asked, “What is your ministry about?” So we decided that we would answer this question in our first blog. As we began to write the answer to this question, we were blessed as we were able to put into our very own words, what is really on our hearts.

A Loud & Clear Call Ministries’ passion is to reveal God’s character of love so that others may be restored back into the image of God! This healing through God’s love is critical. And thus, there are different avenues through which A Loud & Clear Call Ministries’ helps others to see this love.

One of the means by which we reach this goal of restoration is through our School of the Prophets. This one week intensive is mobile and thus is done at different locations. Besides teaching relevant and practical end time classes, we seek to create a safe and transparent environment where love can grow. Every single subject is taught only in the light of God’s love. We also use a Life Skills program where each attendee participates four hours a day when not in class. The instructors lead by example in every aspect of life. They teach not only in the classroom, but alongside attendees in the Life Skills program. Self-government is another foundation of the school. Attendees are encouraged to learn how to govern themselves by allowing the Holy Spirit to convict and change them from the inside out, rather than being controlled and regulated from the outside in. These are just a few of the principles promoted at this one week intensive. The principles are designed to work together to help reach and create an environment where love and healing can take place. Future School of the Prophets’ intensives can be seen under our “Schedule” bar on our Website.

Our Freedom Rallies is another branch of our ministry that is used for restoration. Freedom Rallies focus on those who have been set free from the chains of Satan. They have been set free from Addiction, Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, Sex Trafficking, Racism, Child Abuse, & other such abuses. It is at these Rallies that there is a culmination of excitement to the power and glory of God! Future Freedom Rallies can be seen under our “Schedule” bar on our Website.

Restoration is also done through our Speaking Engagements; where we speak at Conferences, Retreats, Camp Meetings, Churches & Schools. Since we are a Family Ministry, we have always been able to travel together as a family. If you are interested in inviting us to minister to your Event, Church or School, please check out our “Contact Us” bar on our website to contact us.

Our Inspirational Resources such as our CD’s helps us to get our messages out about the restoration of Jesus Christ. We carry CD Albums on different series topics such as Relationships, Righteousness by Faith, God’s Character of Love, Emotional Healing, End Time Events & more. We also provide sermons on Individual CD’s. Our CD’s can be found at our booths at our speaking engagements, and also at our “Bookstore” bar on our website.

Our prayer is that others may experience the same healing that we are experiencing in our lives, and also the same joy in knowing who God really is; that He is love! It is also our prayer that this same realization and healing may become yours as well.

May you continue to see God’s rich love shining down upon you!

In His love,
Keala, Yvette & Ania Thompson