In a world full of deception, lust and false expectations, there comes a fresh set of messages that speak to the heart. “Relationships God’s Way” is a series that will challenge your beliefs and stir your soul; so that you may have the relationship that you’ve always longed for. No matter where you may be in this journey of Love, this series will inspire you with hopeful thoughts and encouraging words. And one day, may you be able to say” “I Love you as God Loves you”.


1  Empty in Sychar: Sexual Integrity for WomenDownload Handout PDF
Women’s battles are different from men as women struggle more with the emotional lusting of the mind. The understanding of how emotional lusting works, the application of the simple steps given, along with the power of God’s Love will bring about the healing.

2  Eyeless in Gaza: Sexual Integrity for MenDownload Handout PDF
Men’s battles are different from women as men struggle more with the physical lusting of the mind and body. Healing from physical lusting comes only through the power of God’s Love, as well as through the application of the practical steps that will be shared.

3  Playing the Love Game: Calling Out Affections and Attention – Download Handout PDF
There are crafty players in this game of love who use the knowledge of men’s and women’s battles to manipulate the opposite sex, in order to get what they want. Learn the games each sex plays, so you don’t fall prey to it, and then learn the True Love that will make you free.

4  Passion and Purity – Download Handout PDF
God wants us to have passion in our relationships, while at the same time, He wants us to be pure in that passion! In this presentation you will learn the consequences of wrongful sexual activity, as well as the principles which bring about healing.

5  Finding Your Soulmate Download Handout PDF
There are many people out there still searching for that special one. But if that person is out there, then how do we find them? And how will we know when we’ve found them? Join us as we learn to trust the One who knows how to make us truly happy!

6  What Do I Look For?Download Handout PDF
Is there a better way than just trial and error? Are there some guidelines out there as to help me in my search for my life partner? How do I know if this is the right person for me to marry? What do I look for in a spouse? These are the questions that will be addressed in this presentation.

7  Marrying the Right PersonDownload Handout PDF
It is easier to stay married to the right person, if we’ve married the right person. But just one bad decision concerning our future husband or wife can become a living nightmare. Learn these simple principles to follow in order to have a happy marriage.

8  Why Relationships Go BadDownload Handout PDF
Do you remember that “in love” experience? How you longed to be together. Where your first and last thoughts of the day were of each other. But unfortunately, statistics show that the average life span of a romantic “in love” experience lasts just two years. In this presentation, you will learn the 3 “in love” killers and the solutions to keeping that Love alive.

9  Wherever You Go, I Will GoDownload Handout PDF
What makes someone leave everything they’ve got for someone else? The only answer is Love! A Love so deep that they’re willing to submit themselves to each other and say, “Wherever you go, I will go. Wherever you lodge, I will lodge. Your people will be my people. And your God, my God.”

10  The Search For OnenessDownload Handout PDF
The greatest desire of a couple is to be One. Not One only in name, in finances, or in location. But more importantly, in heart, in mind and in spirit. If you have this unity, you will have a harmony and peace like nothing else. Learn the secret to this Oneness and never be the same.

11  The Player Gets Played
Do players really get away with what they do? You see, it may look like they’re enjoying what they’re doing, but in the end, they will find that their lives have left them feeling empty and lonely. There is only one way to fill the emptiness and loneliness that we all feel. And that way is through the Love of God!

12  Wounded Hearts RestoredDownload Handout PDF
Whenever we are hurt, we build up walls around our hearts so as to protect it from being hurt again. This creates trust issues as you don’t want to trust again. Healing comes when your walls come crashing down from the healing Love of God which teaches you to trust once again.





OUT OF THE DARK AGES by Keala Thompson 

For every counterfeit…there is a genuine. For every imitation…there is an original. Thus, “Out of the Dark Ages” exposes not only the false, but also the true. In this Series, the darkness of Righteousness by Works from the Dark Ages is paralleled with the darkness that is seen in our Churches today! And as the light of God’s true salvation shines into our dark hearts, may we experience deep within our souls the truth, that “God is Love”!


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