Keala Thompson

Once upon a time, I was only out to have the most fun. Crazy & reckless, I almost lost my life several times. But in my search for happiness, I was never able to find it. No matter what I did, I was still empty, longing for more. It was then that I found Jesus and fell in love with Him. It was the start of a new and fresh relationship. A total change in a different direction. But, unfortunately over time, in “working for God” I had lost my love and passion for Him.

God then sent me a wake up call that shook me! This drastically shifted my life, my work, my dreams and most importantly, my relationship with Him! Today, I am continuing on with my journey to find that “first love” experience that I once had with God. Learning to trust Him more and more in the most simplest of ways has only deepened my relationship with Him.

To be honest, this journey that I’ve been through, has been very painful! But it is these very experiences that I’ve been through, that has now given me the ability to help others to come out of their darkness and into the ligh


Yvette Thompson

I was born and raised in the Islands of Hawaii. Being the oldest of four, I had many responsibilities at an early age. While in grade school, I had a bad experience that would leave me confused about my sexuality. I had really great friends in high school and college, but I never had a boyfriend. As I got older, I believed that there wasn’t anyone for me and I often got discouraged whenever I saw my friends having relationships and children.

In 2000, I attended a Church tent meeting in my little hometown and my life was changed! It changed when I realized that a man named Jesus Loved me so much that He voluntarily died for me! I got baptized in 2001, married in 2003 and had a child in 2004.

In the busy-ness of life & ministry, I became determined to be a “good” Christian. I made sure that my daughter & my husband were living up to what we thought a “good” Christian should look like. In the process of being a mother, a wife and a Christian, I lost myself. My relationship with my husband & daughter was wearing very thin, and I had become a very unhappy person. I realized that I was pretending to be someone who I was not.

God then sent me on a journey to find out who He really was. This led me to healthier relationships with my husband & daughter as well as to a healthier relationship with God. The TRUTH of who God really is has set me free from the chains of people pleasing & of pretending to be something I am not. I am now free to become the wife, mother and Christian, God really wants me to be.


Ania Thompson

I grew up in a Christian home having both of my parents. Our family on the outside, was “perfect”. We never missed a week at church, we ate right, and we dressed right. Being a pastor’s daughter, a lot of people had high expectations of me. I felt judged in everything I did and I lived with a constant fear of getting everything wrong.

My self-worth was based on what people said and felt about me. I wanted to be “good” at everything because I wanted people to tell me I was “good” at everything. I would sing and play piano for church and people would tell me that I was “so talented”. Or I would play a sport and someone would say “you’re a natural”. That was the only thing that made me feel good about myself. I tried to make sure I gave no one a reason to say anything bad about me.

This pushed me to a point where I just went crazy and did what I wanted to, not caring what people thought about me. Now that I’ve been away from that spotlight for awhile, it has given me a chance to find some balance. I’m learning not to do things because I’m scared of what other people will think, but to do things because it’s something I choose and want to do. This has helped me to become more confident in myself.


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