Healing Rain is an 8-day Emotional Healing School Program in the United States and in Australia. Our schools are located in a rural area, where nature can assist in the healing process. You will enjoy a very delicious, plant based, whole food cuisine, which will add to your healing. The goal of this School is to help the student to look to the source and discover the root cause, as well as to place the student in an environment where self-government can be learned.

Each class is taught through the lens of Love, for it is a true picture of Love that heals! We use a Life Skills Work Program, which allows opportunity for physical activity, learning of practical skills, student & teacher interaction, as well as time for personal reflection & application. We also seek to create a safe, transparent environment where love can grow, and where one can be free to heal from the inside out!

Join us for our next School in Queensland, Australia, April 2-9, 2023. To register for Healing Rain Australia 2023 Click Here. (Registration is coming soon)



Before Healing Rain, I was lost. I didn’t know what love was. I heard a lot about Jesus and I believed in God but I’ve never experienced what it’s like to fully experience His love and to know what He’s done for me.

When I first came to Healing Rain I was standing off! I didn’t trust anyone. You see, my biggest problem in life is trust. I fear people coming close to me because my whole life I’ve had people leave me since I was a kid. And I know it’s a “story” but I believe in that story and I lived my life like my story was real.

I’ve worked very hard and even went to many different programs to try and understand what love is. But I couldn’t find it. But my experience here has turned out to be the best. Healing Rain has showed me what healing really means. And there was no one else who could have healed me than my Man, Jesus Christ. He healed me. He gave the Healing Rain Family everything that they needed in order to pass it onto me.

I can be proud of myself for taking Healing Rain on. Because before I came, I came up with excuses to not come. I even came here two days later after the camp started. But even with that I still got so much out of the camp. I’ve found out what love is. And I found out who Jesus really is. Not someone or something, someone else told me about, but instead I’ve witnessed it with my own eyes and it has healed my heart in regards to love. No words can express the feeling of where I’m at, at the moment. I’m on my last day here and it’s emotional.

It’s amazing for someone like me to come here, where I didn’t trust anyone, to now where I don’t want to leave. I feel like its heart-breaking to have to leave. I’m going to miss everyone around here. Everyone has become my family and they’ve become people around me that will never leave me. I know this is God’s work. I encourage you to take this on and I promise you, He will do it for you. Nick


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