Our goal is to help you to experience emotional, spiritual and physical healing from a biblical & spiritual perspective. We offer both Online Video Calls as well as Online Chats.

We have successfully helped many people to experience Healing from Past Trauma, Low Self-Worth, Marital or Partner Struggles, Unhealthy Relationships, Guilt, Sexual Abuse, Psychological Abuse, Spiritual Abuse, Uncontrollable Thinking, Toxic Thoughts, Self-Sabotage, Anxiety, Depression, etc… If you or someone you know are struggling with these or with any other emotional pain, we can help!

We seek to help guide you through 3 different stages. In all of these stages, our goals are solution oriented and very practical to apply:

  1. Our first goal is to help alleviate your immediate pain. Although these “quick fixes” work for the short term, they do not last. We’ve found that only by dealing with and healing from your root causes will it have a lasting effect.
  2. Once we help alleviate your symptoms, our second goal is to help you to discover your root causes. We then help you to apply the specific solutions to your root causes so that you can deal with life in a constructive rather than destructive way. 
  3. Finally, we focus on teaching you in the area of preventive care so that you can live a healthy and fulfilling life.

We seek to create a safe space for you to openly share that will be free from criticism or judgment. In this safe place, we will be asking you personal questions about your life so that we can be better able to help you. At times, we may also send you resources to read and reflect upon that will benefit your growth. We may also give you assignments of things to do that will aid in your healing. 

Our mission is to help you to be able to eventually help yourself. We believe in the “teaching you how to fish” method rather than just the “giving you a fish” method. This means that we seek to equip and empower you with skills and tools that you will always be able to use in life. 

In regards to personal advising sessions for couples, we take the approach of creating a safe space for each person to be able to share openly without feeling criticized or judged. We also take the approach of helping each side to NOT see more of the other persons faults but instead to become more Self-aware and to focus on how “I” need to grow and heal.

We understand that you may feel nervous and/or anxious about your first session. This is normal as this happens to a lot of people. But we want to let you know that it is our goal to create an environment where you will feel comfortable, welcomed and safe. 

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I’m an international speaker and relationship specialist who knows from experience what healing has done for me. I founded Keala Thompson Advising because I have a passion for helping people just like you to heal from personal pain and trauma. I’ve also realized through my travels and speaking, the need for more work to be done on a personal level.

When I’m not traveling, speaking or advising, I’m co-directing 8-day Healing Rain school programs on emotional healing in the United States and in Australia. I also blog at

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