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Welcome to our KT Advising page. If you are looking to learn about healing, you’ve come to the right place. KT Advising is a ministry that offers Biblical Counseling as well as an Online One-on-One Mentorship Course on healing. Our Online Mentorship Course on healing is of the highest quality. This Course will help you to learn how to help others to heal.

We approach healing from a Biblical perspective that goes along with the faith that one believes. We also seek to teach solutions by helping one to discover the fears and lies that are creating toxic thoughts, toxic feelings and/or unhealthy behaviors. We then help one to learn the different unconditional love and truth based solutions that bring healing.

We seek to create a comfortable and safe space where everything is kept confidential and where you won’t feel judged. We look forward to meeting and working with you to reach your healing goals.

If you are looking for personal healing, we highly recommend you taking our Personal Advising Sessions first before taking this course.

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