invest in yourself with our Premium Online Mentorship course so that you can best help others to experience healing. Your FIRST 50-minute Online Mentorship Class is FREE of charge. After your first free class, 50-minute Online Mentorship Classes are at $100 USD a Class.

This course will take around 2 years to complete. This of course depends upon each person’s understanding as well as interaction within the classes, with some being longer while others being shorter. You are free to discontinue these classes at any time.

We’ve found that one session a week works the best as it gives continuity as well as time in between sessions to reflect upon and apply what was talked about. We do believe that there are circumstances where it is better for a person to take more than 1 class a week as long as we know that they’re understanding what they’re learning and are practically applying what they’ve learned. We understand everyone is different and so we are willing to adjust to each person’s needs and goals.

Once you’ve completed your Online Mentorship Course (Emotional Healing), you will then have the option of booking check-ups, where you will be able to report and/or get feedback on applying the coursework that you’ve taken. These Check-ups are at $100 per 50-minute session.


Payment is due right after each class. We accept payment through:

If you would like to pay with a credit card with Paypal fees, you can do so with this link:


5-Star Review

“While working towards my goal of becoming a mental health therapist I wanted to glean insights into what ‘really’ helps people heal, grow, and thrive. The online mentorship course with Keala and Yvette provided exactly what I was looking for.

They have extensive experience helping others see themselves and/or their loved ones through a healthier, more compassionate lens. It was healing just to learn their approach to helping others heal.

They have a gift at pinpointing the core dysfunctions in unhealthy thought/emotional patterns and they excel at organizing their content into an easy to understand model.

I would highly recommend the online mentorship course to those who are seeking to help others but need a jump start in their career or ministry.”


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